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Rihanna's Stylist Explains Her Constantly-Changing Coif

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Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup; Dave M. Benett/G

She’s been known to storm the stage with a fiery cropped coif and hit the town with a highly styled brunette pompadour, so when it comes to Rihanna‘s hair, expect to be dazzled with more head-turning hairstyles in the future. “We are always changing it up, experimenting, and having fun with hair,” her stylist Ursula Stephen tells

But what’s behind all the amazing transformations? “Her hairstyle typically changes depending on what’s on our agenda, what she’s wearing, or how she’s feeling.” Stephen says. “We take it day by day and event by event, and usually will both bring ideas to the table. It’s always a collaboration, which is such a great way to work.”

Though the changes are fun, they can be damaging to the singer’s hair. So Stephen stresses that the right products are key to maintaining Rihanna’s bouncy and always rockin’ locks.

“It’s all about the products that we use to maintain moisture in between all the styling,” she shares. “If we’re going heavy with color, we’ll lay off the chemical treatments; if her hair needs a break, we’ll try a wig or weave.” Tell us: Which one of Rihanna’s hairstyles is your favorite?

–Kim Peiffer