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Rihanna Reveals Her Style Secrets

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She’s one of music’s most stylish stars, and in a revealing new interview, Rihanna dishes about her fashion obsessions and favorite beauty tips — as well as her tomboy past. “I’ve been a fashion fanatic since I was little, looking at all the international magazines. But I used to dress like a boy when I was a kid,” she admits to the British edition of In Style. “I’d wear my brother’s baggy pants and his trainers.” And her tastes have definitely changed over the years. “Now I like little skull caps, jeans, flat boots that come up to the knees. And then I play around with the top — a big T-shirt, or a sleek camisole, or a jacket. I love jackets! I have a million.” The singer gives credit for her unique fashion sense to her makeup-artist mom. “She knew everything about perfume, skincare and make-up,” she says. “She never let me wear make-up but I was secretly fascinated, so when she’d leave home, I would play around with hers.” And her surprisingly simple secret to looking fresh-faced even on a grueling world tour? “Water and rest for my skin,” she says.