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Rihanna Gets a (Painful-Looking) Maori Tattoo; We Can't Even Watch the Whole Video

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Courtesy Tiki Taane

Never let it be said that Rihanna isn’t willing to experience pain for her art. The singer suffers in silence throughout the whole unbelievable process of getting a traditional Polynesian tribal tattoo in New Zealand — and chronicles it on film for us.

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In the two-minute video, the singer is seen at the workshop of Moko Ink tattooist Inia Taylor, who uses handheld implements (a chisel and mallet) and ink to create a pattern on the singer’s right hand. She grimaces and squirms and wipes away blood from her hand in between the inking process.

We have no idea how it ends because we could only watch about thirty seconds before being too queasy to continue, but we have to give her props for her willingness to try something new. Check out the video below and tell us what you think of Rihanna’s new tattoo!

–Alex Apatoff