Colleen Kratofil
October 14, 2016 05:41 PM

We’re always working on getting to the bottom of celeb red carpet beauty secrets. How do they get that glow? How do they manage to stay so ageless? Turns out, this REN Skincare Beauty Shot Eye Lift is a makeup pro’s secret weapon. It’s designed to specifically target the eye area to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles — instantly!

Considering most anti-aging eye formulas take weeks to show results, we understand if you don’t believe us. So we enlisted the help of celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg, to tell you.

She actually counted on REN Skincare to complete Kaley Cuoco’s 2016 Grammy Awards beauty look (and if you happen to forget just how glamorous — and ageless! — she was, here’s a reminder).

Greenberg also shares a genius application tip — it actually isn’t just for your eyes! She applies it around the mouth to cover up unwanted smile lines. And if that just put a smile on your face, hurry up and add this to your shopping cart, stat!

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