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November 10, 2016 08:04 PM
Heather's closet/YouTube
Heather's Cloest/YouTube

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow has had a very long and arduous process designing and moving into her new 20,000 sq-ft. home. There was the dilemma of re-working the budget every time she went over. (You remember when she exceeded the $500,000 allowance for cabinets.) And the strenuous task of unpacking her cases of expensive champagne into her champagne room. But one space in Château Dubrow is finally finished and the results are almost too overwhelming to take in — Dubrow’s closet.

The space features tiers and tiers of shelves displaying her shoe and handbag collections. There are drawers upon drawers of jewelry. And the entire room is decorated in a black-and-white color palette and accessorized with a huge chandelier, sparkle-accented flooring and glittery cabinet handles.

With a space so wondrous, it’s only fitting that Dubrow launched a new web video series, “Heather’s Closet,” where she’ll give viewers glimpses into every corner of her closet. The first episode just launched and included so many fantastic tidbits about her “girl cave” that we broke down the top three takeaways below.

1. There’s a champagne door bell. If you thought having a champagne room was over the top, she actually has a bell that rings down to the kitchen to ensure her flute full of “champs” as she calls it, never gets too low. “It’s a really, really handy thing to have in your closet,” she says at the end of the episode.

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2. Dubrow wanted to create a “girl cave” to compete with husband Terry Dubrow’s multiple man caves. She explains that when she was growing up her closet used to be her safe space to be by herself and think. So although she’s “upgraded” quite a bit, her closet still represents a place where she can kick back and relax. “For me closets have always been really important,” she shares.

3. It has padlocks and dead bolts on the door — and no one else knows the codes. “This is the one room in the house that’s mine. I have padlock, dead bolts on the door,” she shares. “No one has the combination. No one’s allowed to come in.” We have a feeling that by the time her three daughters reach high school they’ll find a way to pick those locks!

If you’re currently lusting over every single thing you see in her closet, there’s good news! She’s giving away a few “fabulous” pieces to people who subscribe to her YouTube channel.

What are your thoughts on her massive closet?

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