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Rashida and Kidada Jones Get Silly For Band of Outsiders

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Courtesy Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders has a long and delightful history of eschewing your typical glamorous fashion ads, instead tapping some of our favorite stars (Michelle Williams, Amy Adams, James Marsden … the list goes on) to pose in intimate, candid Polaroid-style shots for their new collections.

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And in keeping with that tradition, designer Scott Sternberg turned to his pals (and possibly Hollywood’s coolest sisters) Rashida and Kidada Jones to pose for a series of photos that Sternberg is releasing on the line’s Tumblr throughout the week.

“My sister and I have known Scott for a long time and [have been] huge fans of Band for so long,” Rashida tells PEOPLE. “We feel super honored to be a part of the fall campaign! We have such different styles and Scott’s eye is such that we both find stuff that we love every season!”

And just like we’d do with our sisters if you gave us some cool clothes and a camera, the Jones siblings got a little silly in front of the lens. On Tuesday, they posed like ’70s lounge singers while wearing enormous hats; Wednesday they were back in hats but with new nicknames (“Sheeds” and “Dods,” of course) and there’s still more to come.

We don’t know which to feel more envious of — the clothes or the fact that the sisters get to hang out and do fun stuff and we’re not invited. But we do know that we’re excited to see what they’ve come up with for the rest of the week.

Tell us: What do you think of the Jones sisters’ Band of Outsiders campaign?

–Alex Apatoff