Colleen Kratofil
October 12, 2016 01:51 PM
Ken Bone/Twitter
Ken Bone/Twitter

The Internet has been gushing over the true winner of Sunday’s presidential debate all week. Ken Bone, the undecided voter from Illinois, blew up social media with his “plan B” red sweater (and must-follow Twitter account). He initially intended to wear an olive green suit before splitting the seam — and he just posted a photo to Twitter of the magic that could have been.

Earlier this week he told The Morning After St. Louis radio program the red cable knit was actually a last-minute outfit change. “As far as the sweater — that was actually the backup plan,” he said on air. “I had this really lovely olive suit that I was going to wear, and I split the seat of my pants as I was getting into my car to leave to my debate. I swear to you: Sweater was plan B.”

While that is one #stylish suit (his own hashtag), who knows whether it would have had a large of an impact as his cranberry cableknit. “I actually think that the sweater was the star, and I just was wearing it,” he told the radio hosts.

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And he’s not exaggerating. The #KenBone effect has been immensely powerful. His half-zip sweater actually sold out on Amazon and his look-alike sexy Halloween costume is already on backorder (we’re not kidding).

Yandy debuted a sexy Ken Bone Halloween costume in his likeness. It features a shrunken crop top version of his iconic sweater, matching high-waist pants and even has a pair of identical glasses, faux mustache and microphone to perfectly capture his entire look. If you wanted to spend $99.95 for the entire get-up, get in line, because it’s already sold out once and is on pre-order now.

Alternately, you could find an olive suit, split the pants and set yourself apart from all the other sexy Ken Bones this Halloween. The choice is yours — and it’s almost as difficult as Ken’s when it comes to picking a president.

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