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Posh's Dress Collection Gets "'Absolutely Outstanding" Reviews

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Dan lecca

Victoria Beckham may have started her eponymous dress collection with 12 styles in September 2008, but she’s returned this Fashion Week with a expanded collection of gowns, jackets and embellished minis that has debuted to rave reviews. says, “These dresses look so well-made, so of-the-moment yet also timeless…that they do the talking for [Beckham]”. The International Herald Tribune found the designer as a stand-out among her celeb-designer peers: “Beckham has succeeded in creating a collection in her own image with playful gestures and with a sense that, unlike most celebrity lines, she would be proud and pleased to wear every piece herself.” And WWD seems to think Victoria might be evolving into a fashion heavy hitter. “Though too early to tell — a mere two collections into her second career — judging from the controlled lineup she showed on Sunday, it seems that [Beckham] may indeed be no lightweight. (Figuratively, that is. Formerly Posh is still a slip of a girl.)” PEOPLE caught up with the designer at Armani/5th Avenue store opening last night and she was still reeling from her her great reviews. “It’s been wonderful,” she gushed. “The reviews have been absolutely outstanding. The retail response has been wonderful. The sales grew, so far, over the previous collection. It has been phenomenal. The whole thing is mind-blowing to be honest. I love what I do.” We can’t wait to see Victoria wearing items from the new collection! Check out all the new looks at Tell us: What do you think of Victoria’s new dresses?

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