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Posh: "Being in the Spice Girls, Fashion-Wise Probably Didn't Open Any Doors"

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Matt Baron/BEImages

Victoria Beckham is bringing her designs home to the UK. On the eve of her 10 dress collection hitting Selfridges in both London and Manchester, the designer herself sits down with the London Times and gives them a look at her “fourth child”. Victoria tells the London Times that fashion was always her first love — even before singing. “I was never that good a singer but I think I am good at fashion. Even when I was at school, I was always customizing my uniform.” And her fame as Posh didn’t help her fashion career. “Being in the Spice Girls, fashion-wise probably didn’t open any doors. If anything it shut doors and I’ve had to bang them down.” Now the pop star has left the stage for the drawing board and takes a hands-on approach to all her dVb lines. “Do I draw? No. Then again, nor do lots of designers,” admits Victoria. “But I know how a dress should sit. I’ve worn so many in the past and when I see the photographs I think, crikey, my boobs are up round my neck again because the corsets are too short and not cut high enough.” Victoria used all her fashion mishaps to help make her line better. “I knew I would spend a lot on the best-quality zips because, I’ve had my share of crappy zips,” she says. “I wanted a zip that undoes from both ends because then you can either put the dress on over your head or, if you don’t want to mess up your hair, you can step into it – and also, you know, going to the loo wouldn’t be this whole big palaver.” With her exacting attention to detail, luxurious fabrics and classic silhouettes, she isn’t worried about the recession hurting business despites the dresses’ four-figure price tags. “In these recessionary times, and at these prices, women are looking for something that will be an investment, aren’t they?” Click here to see all of the styles from Beckham’s new line.