Jillian Ruffo
April 21, 2017 02:57 PM
Courtesy PMD

What It Is: The PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System

Who Tried It: Jillian Ruffo, Associate Beauty Editor

Why We Tried It: I try not to think about the Kylie Jenner Challenge — a time I’ve been hoping to never have to live through again. And aside from plumping balms and glosses, I was finally convinced (and thrilled) that the craze of physically plumping our lips had ended. But then this device landed on my desk — and I had to find out if it was too good to be true (hint: it’s not).

Level of Difficulty: 0 — a child could figure out how to use this. That said, definitely keep it away from children.

I’ll say this again: I really was over the trend of aggressively lip plumping. Tingly balms are great for a quick boost, but that moment when teenage girls everywhere were suctioning shot glasses onto their lips in hopes of a Kylie-inspired look? No thank you.

So when this vacuum-like plumping device landed on my desk, I let out a sigh and accepted the fact that we’re going there once again. It wasn’t until I took it home and tried it, however, that I was totally fine with that.

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This device is pretty self explanatory in terms of use: you charge it up, remove the cap, stick the opening on your lip and press the button. Yes, it sounds like a vibrator and yes, it feels beyond weird — but somehow, the results are insanely satisfying. After applying the included lip balm, the directions told me to place the device on one quadrant of my lips and let the machine pulse 10 times before moving on to the other side, followed by each half of my bottom lip. I did as directed — it took about two minutes — and ran to my bathroom to see the results.

Before (left), after (right)

When I looked in the mirror, I was very pleasantly surprised by a noticeably fuller look, as well as an enhanced version of my natural lip color. And because I used it before bed, I still noticed somewhat plumped look in the morning and throughout the following day.

Have my lips magically grown after multiple uses? Not quite — and whether I’d use this on a daily basis, I can’t say — but I would definitely commit to plumping up my lips before a night out or a date. My only word of warning: Don’t exceed the recommended number of pulses like I did (it’s very easy to get carried away), which resulted in a very tiny bruise on my bottom lip that disappeared after a few hours. (Yes, I almost crossed into Kylie Jenner Challenge territory.)

The verdict: I hate to admit it, but this might just be my new favorite beauty secret. It’s a super easy, safe and totally painless way to achieve plumper lips that even Kylie might be proud of.

Buy It! PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System, $139; nordstrom.com

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