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Pete Wentz Says No to Eyeliner, "Hammer" Pants and Gossip Blogs

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Jesse Grant/WireImage

New York wasn’t the only city to get a dash of star power for Fashion’s Night Out. Pete Wentz brought his clothing line Clandestine Industries to Fred Segal as part of the national event meant to stimulate retail, but his hottest accessory for the night was definitely wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. “Ashlee is one of those people who can pull off a million different looks,” boasted Wentz. “My favorite is when she puts no effort into something but is still a total babe.” Ashlee joined her rocker husband for over an hour while he signed autographs and took photos at the Fred Segal boutique on Melrose, even playing various rounds of the board game ‘Guess Who’ with fans of Clandestine Industries, a clothing line which he says “makes you feel good about yourself.” “I like clothes that fit me — I have a weird body type,” said Wentz, whose partly responsible for introducing skinny jeans to the male species. “It sucks when you become the guy whose known for any one thing. You gotta stick with it, ya know?” However, don’t expect to see the Fall Out Boy bassist, whose parted with his signature black eyeliner (he says “eyeliner is out”), wearing “Hammer” pants anytime soon -– especially if Ashlee has a say. “Dior made those last year. I bought a pair, officially looked in the mirror and my wife said, ‘No. It’s not a good decision to make.’” Whatever gossip is swirling around Hollywood of a marriage on the rocks, Wentz and Ashlee continue to put rumors to rest. “They would whisper in each others ears and smile,” said a guest of the party. “It was really cute.” Ashlee would occasionally check her Blackberry (complete with a photo of baby Bronx on the home screen), but it was clear she was out to support her husband. “You need a license to get married, but you don’t need a license to have a blog on the internet,” said Wentz. “I just think that people shouldn’t believe what they read.” Clandestine Industries’ newest line debuts on September 14 at — Kimberly Lansing