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Style Readers Sound Off on Kate Gosselin's Hairdo

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Michael Kovac/FilmMagic

Looks like Kate Gosselin won’t be the next Jennifer Aniston of the hair world. After telling Entertainment Weekly that “everybody wants” her asymmetrical hairstyle, we asked readers to weigh in on whether they really do envy the Jon & Kate Plus Eight star’s distinctive look. With over 1,000 comments and counting, the majority of readers think her do is a don’t. To start, readers dubbed her style the “reverse mullet” and called the look outdated. “That style was hot for a nanosecond when T-Boz rocked it in the 90s,” says reader Bee. Pauline comments that it’s the worst hairdo she has seen this year, and Bonnie says, “Kate’s hair looks like each of the kids took a turn at cutting the back while she was sleeping.” But although most readers won’t be asking for “The Gosselin” anytime soon, there are some who have already copied the look. Kelly Moss, for example, says, “I love her hair! I actually have my hair cut like hers…with my own little flair, of course.” Ande also shares Kate’s hairstyle, writing, “I think it is cute and looks great on her, but I do agree that it has been around for many years before Kate started wearing her hair like this.” We can’t imagine the reality star with any other do, but we want to know what you think. Tell us: Should Kate keep her signature look? What other style could she try?