Kate Hogan
October 07, 2011 08:30 PM


Apparently, staying cool is the key to living life in the fast lane.

Just ask Fast Five actor Paul Walker, the new face of Davidoff Cool Water, who’s been wearing the scent since middle school.

“Growing up, that was the cologne I wore,” he told PEOPLE at an event in Los Angeles recently. “That’s the one all the girls liked.”

While garnering the attention of the ladies was an added bonus, Walker said the best part of the fragrance is its subtlety. “My first passion is marine biology and I love being outdoors,” Walker shared. “The cologne is simple and almost something that you would find in nature.”

So if one wanted to finagle the forces of nature to grab Walker’s attention, how would she do it? Through scents, of course. “I was crazy about this girl for the longest time and she wore Red,” he recalled. “Even to this day, there’s certain associations. It’s hard not to notice when you’re walking through a crowd.”

–Melody Chiu


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