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Paris Hilton's Revealing Gown - See It from All Angles

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As Paris Hilton herself might say, that’s (white) hot!

After arriving alongside Cash Money Records’ Birdman, the newest member of the Young Money clique wasn’t shy (is she ever?) about showing off her House of Milani see-through gown on the Grammys red carpet.

Though demure — check out that high-neck collar! — from the front, the jeweled gown was very revealing from the side and back with nude insets strategically placed to show off a little skin. And naturally, this was only the second super-revealing gown she wore in the last three days. She is Paris Hilton, after all.

In true Paris style, the socialite-turned-singer was very confident about her fashion choice. “Killing it at The Grammys,” she Tweeted before the show. She even posted a photo of herself “stuntin’ with her daddy” (by which she means, her record producer) on her Instagram page.

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere