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Paint Your Nails? Then You Need This Genius Beauty Product

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From the files of “Why didn’t this exist sooner?!” comes something called Liquid Palisade, which is like painter’s tape for manis and makes even the shakiest hand capable of a flawless paint job and even intricate nail art. Watch to see what we’re talking about then get the stuff for yourself (at 10% off the price listed in the video if you spend $50 or more, plus free shipping, by entering PEOPLE10 at checkout).

Yep, we no longer have to pay a pro in order to get a perfect, all-in-the-lines manicure. And we’ve been experimenting with using Liquid Palisade to create nail art like chevron and reverse French manis.

Totally worth it for under 25 bucks (what it comes out to if you use our exclusive discount code!). And don’t forget to share pics of the nail art you create by Tweeting (@stylewatchmag) or Instagramming (@peoplestylewatchmag).

–Zoë Ruderman