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Oscars Gown Showdown: Michelle Williams vs. Reese Witherspoon -- Pick Your Favorite!

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The Showdown: Michelle Williams in 2006 vs. Reese Witherspoon in 2009
The Editor’s Pick: Michelle Williams
Who Made the Call?: Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor
Why She Chose It:
If this were a contest on who has the best hair, Reese would get my vote — hands down. She literally looks like she walked off the page of a Pantene ad with her crazy-shiny pin-straight strands. And those bangs were enough to make me consider reaching for the scissors. (True story: I remember bringing this photo to the salon and having a lengthy discussion with my hairstylist about getting fringe. And it’s still saved in the “maybe haircuts” folder on my desktop. What? You don’t have one of those folders?) But as you know, this isn’t about the hair. This is about the gowns. And Michelle’s marigold Vera Wang design totally trumps Reese’s Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci creation.

Check out the full Oscars Gown Showdown bracket here!

I know there are probably legions of fervent Reese fans who are ready to picket outside my apartment, but let me explain. This was Michelle’s first Oscars appearance ever, and I love that she totally went for something bold and fresh. With the vibrant color, ruffled neckline and ruching at the waist, it’s no surprise this design launched the nominee to the top of best dressed lists.

Reese’s deep-amethyst gown, on the other hand (and if you’re a fervent Reese supporter, stop reading), falls a bit flat. In fact, I was slightly surprised it was chosen as one of the original gowns in the bracket. It feels like so many strapless gowns I’ve seen before, and even though I think the actress could make a burlap sack look chic, I also have to be honest with my feelings and give the big “W” to Michelle.

Voting is now closed but click here to see who came out on top — and to weigh in on today’s matchup: Hilary Swank vs. Sandra Bullock!