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Oscar de la Renta Offers Questionable Wedding Advice on 'Martha'

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When shopping for a wedding gown, you’ll want to look at Oscar de la Renta dresses — but you may not want to call on the man himself for advice. That’s what happened on The Martha Stewart Show, in an episode airing Friday, when one audience member asked who she should invite on a gown-shopping trip.

“Not … your mother,” de la Renta told the bride-to-be. “What your mother has to understand is that this is the most important day of your life, that this is something you have been dreaming, thinking of for a long time. It’s not her day, it is your day, and your mother should be very proud.”

The designer was on the show with Martha Stewart Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller and chef Michael Romano for an episode centered on wedding details, from decorations and appetizers to parting gifts and of course, dresses. The episode ties in with the recent issue of
Martha Stewart Weddings
, which featured de la Renta and other “icons of the aisle.”

So, what was the final verdict for the beleaguered bride? “I think it’s a personal decision,” Miller shared. “It depends on your relationship, what you think of your mother’s fashion taste.” She did have one solid piece of advice, though: “Don’t take too many people.”

Martha Stewart Show
David M. Russell/The Martha Stewart Show

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–Kate Hogan