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Ooh La La! Justin Timberlake Shoots His First "Play" Commercial in Paris

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Who hasn’t dreamed of strolling by the Eiffel Tower at night with Justin Timberlake? While we may not get to experience it firsthand, we will soon see it on TV. Timberlake, spokesperson for Givenchy’s Play, has been in Paris this week secretly filming his first commercial spot for the luxury manufacturer’s men’s fragrance. Beginning at midnight for two nights, the singer has been shooting what one source describes to PEOPLE as “a romantic adventure. This storyline has Justin and his girlfriend (an unidentified actress) come running across the grass of the Champs de Mars to the Tower. They make their way into the Tower through the South entrance and up the staircases to the first level. There, he strolls the balustrades overlooking the city and playfully climbs the girders of the Tower. Those last scenes, will be done on the second level,” source addeds, “and by stuntmen.” The spot is Justin’s first for ‘Play’ fragrance, Givenchy tells PEOPLE, and the 60-second spot will debut on European television only “beginning early 2010.” During an all-night Thursday morning shoot, early risers caught Justin in a tuxedo and soft hat still filming at dawn in the arc-lit gardens at 7 a.m. surrounded by a 40-50 person crew. “Our storyboard shows 30 different set ups (camera positions and angles),” one filmmaker told PEOPLE, “so there’ll be a lot of moving about. He works quickly though…” Not quickly enough — we can’t wait to see the finished product! –Peter Mikelbank