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OMG: Taylor Swift Has Pink Hair!

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We expect pink hair from Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera, but Taylor Swift? No way! However, on Sunday, we spotted one of the most conservative pop stars in the biz sporting a wavy, shoulder-length ‘do with hot-pink dip-dyed tips. And we didn’t totally hate it.

Before you assume that Swift is going all Miley on us, though, take a breath: We’re almost positive she’s wearing a wig, since she was seen donning the ‘do while on the Los Angeles set of her new video, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” And considering she’s wearing very un-Swift-like clothing — a leather jacket, cutoff jean shorts and an oversized sweatshirt — we’re willing to bet she’s just playing a punky character.

The brand new look got us thinking, though. Maybe it is time for Swift to switch up her style. Granted, the star has been playing with her appearance lately, stepping out in shorter, tighter silhouettes and swapping her red lip for a sultry nude pout. Perhaps adding a little punk sensibility to her pretty wardrobe wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Tell us: How do you feel about Swift’s pink hair? 

–Jennifer Cress