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Olivia Palermo on Her Wedding Look: 'You're Not Going to See Me in a Huge Cupcake Dress'

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Courtesy Brides

We pegged Olivia Palermo as the type of bride to know exactly what kind of dress she wants. And as it turns out, we were right. The fashion-forward star models eight different bridal styles in the June/July issue of Brides magazine, and opens up about her wedding day vision.

“First, I’ll consider what the venue is and what the feel is,” she shares. “But no matter where I marry, you’re not going to see me in a huge cupcake dress. As beautiful as they are, they’re just not me.”

When it comes to accessories, she plans to keep things fun in the footwear department. “A great pair of shoes, always — Aquazzura is a favorite. I love a white stiletto, and it’s very on trend right now, but that may be where I do color.”

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Olivia Palermo wedding dresses Brides
Courtesy Brides

The star also opened up about the romantic engagement video her fiancé, model Johannes Huebl, shared on Instagram. “I’m a visual person, so a video was our special touch. And we both love music, so it had to have a cool song.”

Palermo, who usually keeps mum on her personal life, said the key to their successful relationship is mutual respect.

“We understand and respect each other, and we make each other better people,” she explained. “It also helps that we both work in fashion and can travel together. We get to see the world through each other’s eyes.”

And wedding planning has only made their bond stronger. “At the end of the day, it’s about the two of us, and that’s the most important thing. People shouldn’t lose sight of that.”

Check out some BTS footage from her shoot below. Tell us: What dress do you picture her in?

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–Brittany Talarico