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May 08, 2013 10:01 PM

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We’ve already made it pretty clear that we covet Nina Dobrev’s closet, but there’s something else of hers that we want: her complexion. So we caught up with the star and asked her how to get such flawless skin.

Her first rule: Go organic.

“I honestly believe it’s important not to put chemicals in your body and keep it as pure as possible,” Nina tells PEOPLE at the N.Y.C. launch of Origins new GinZing line.

Her other tip has to do not just with what she puts on her face, but how diligent she is about taking other stuff off it. “You really need to take off your makeup, and let your skin breathe sometimes.” And that means not getting lazy about it, even when traveling.

“I always have makeup wipes and moisturizer when I fly,” she explains. “I take all my makeup off and lather on Origins GinZing moisturizer. It actually revives your face within seconds. I can’t even describe it.” (Mental note to crib her flying routine before our next trip.)

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Another one of The Vampire Diaries star’s skincare saviors: Jergen’s Natural Glow moisturizer. Clearly great (and beautiful) minds think alike because that self-tanner is at the top of our summer beauty picks list.

Turns out, that’s not all we have in common with Dobrev. She shared that her favorite red carpet look of all time is the same one we chose: her Donna Karan gown from the 2011 Emmys.

“Since then I haven’t been able to wear much red because I don’t want to compete with it,” she gushes.

Tell Us: What’s the one skincare product you couldn’t live without? And do you love Nina Dobrev’s red gown as much as we do?

Brittany Talarico, Reporting by Michelle Ward

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