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Emily Kirkpatrick
May 04, 2017 04:11 PM

By now, Nina Dobrev is practically a beauty pro. After all, when you spend your formative years on a smash hit TV show and subsequently wind up attending every award show and walking more than your fair share of red carpets, it’s pretty much impossible not to pick up a few industry hair and makeup secrets here and there. Not to mention it helped her cultivate the ability to go from zero to glam in under 90 secondsPeopleStyle spoke with the actress at the Reebok Classics Crib during the second weekend of Coachella about a few of her summer staples, from her favorite pair of leggings to the Classic Leather sneakers she pairs with everything, and the one beauty product she stole from the set of Vampire Diaries that she says she can’t live without.

When we asked Dobrev about any beauty tricks or tips she picked out while working on the set of the supernatural drama for so many years, she said that while her style was evolving constantly over the years, “I think one of them taught me about Sally Hansen beauty spray,” a product she says is, “basically foundation for your body, so if you’re wearing a dress or shorts, it’s pure magic. It’s like unicorn poop in a bottle.” And for those who might not fully comprehend precisely what the actress means by that, she went on to explain that, “Unicorn poop is basically pure joy and happiness.” Good to know.

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So whether you’re looking to get mythical creature approved legs, or just be a little more bronzed before that tropical island getaway, we’ve got all the products you’ll need and more to make it look like your gams just flew in from Bora Bora, even in the middle of a New York City snowstorm.

Airbrush Legs

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Body Perfection Gel

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Face and Body Foundation

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Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

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Perfecting Skin Cream

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What’s your secret to a flawless tan? What’s your trick for instant confidence? Sound off below!

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