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Nikki Reed's 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Scene Secret

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She may be busy settling into married life and promoting the next Twilight film,
Breaking Dawn Part I
, but Nikki Reed has her mind on some fashionable future plans, too.

“At some point I’d like to have a jewelry line,” she reveals in the December issue of
. “I have a very sort of eclectic style, so I guess I’ve picked up things from all over the world, but the last place that I lived was Greece so I became very into the evil eye. I’m influenced by Greek culture for sure.”

Though Reed’s personal style is eclectic, her Twilight character, Rosalie Hale, steers toward the modern side. “The Cullen family … they don’t want to stand out as much as they already do with their crazy eyes and pale skin,” she explains. “So I think that was a common theme when shooting, like, ‘How can we make them blend in the most?’ So we wore the hippest, most modern clothes.”

While Reed and costars Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser often tried to pull items from the ’20s and ’30s, stylists would steer them back toward contemporary looks. “It did make us stick out too much,” she admits of vintage clothes.

One instance where she’s meant to stand out? The much-hyped wedding scene, of course. “They were very glamorous,” she says of the stars’ dresses, hers included. But since the conditions for shooting that scene were less than ideal, the actress had to come up with a clever way of keeping her dress clean.

“It was ice, rainy, cold, freezing, we were shooting in the night and it would get muddy,” she recalls. “I just remember we developed this technique where we’d take a hair clip and clip the bottom of the huge train. That was my look the whole night — a huge plastic sparkly hair clip with this elegant dress.”

Read more with Reed on, and catch Breaking Dawn Part I in theaters Friday, Nov. 18.

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