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Nicole Kidman: 'I've Been Known to Be the Party Girl of All Party Girls'

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Courtesy Jimmy Choo

You’ll often spot Nicole Kidman doing the regal and glamorous thing, or being all mysterious and elegant. But flat-out sexy? It’s not typically her scene — until now. For her second round of ads for Jimmy Choo, the actress channels 60s screen siren Brigitte Bardot, strapping on her highest heels and teasing her hair sky-high for some sultry shots.

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Far from the icy beauty of her upcoming role as Princess Grace of Monaco, the making-of video (below) shows Kidman warm and sultry underneath a voluminous blonde, banged wig.

In the ad, she waxes rhapsodic about the shoes she poses in and admits her friends are hitting her up for a pair of Choos. Not surprisingly, her favorite pair is named “Sunday” (just like her daughter!) and she shares she’s never been afraid to wear heels, even at her statuesque 5-foot-11.

A little more surprising? The mischief she gets up to in those heels. “I like to have the luxury of putting on something really high, because I just feel sexier,” she says, adding, “if I’m in the mood, I’m the girl that will dance on the table with a snake.”

See what else she admits to (and envy her on-screen shoe collection) in the video, then tell us — are you surprised to hear Kidman has a wild side?

–Alex Apatoff