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Emily Kirkpatrick
June 26, 2017 10:35 AM

Nick Lachey has long known a way to a woman’s heart. After all, he got plenty of training in the matter as one of the members of the quintessential millennial boy band 98 Degrees, crooning various sweet nothings into the camera and the faces of thousands of screaming female fans. A skill that has clearly translated to his marriage with Vanessa Lachey as the couple have been together since 2011, have three children together under the age of 5, and are still going just as strong as ever. And on Sunday Nick proved that he offers another invaluable skill to his wife – an extremely high tolerance for grossness – gamely digging through their garbage to find Vanessa’s lost wedding ring.

When the couple tied the knot six years ago, in addition to the already impressive 4-carat engagement ring featuring an Asscher-cut diamond surrounded by trapezoid baguettes that the former pop star bought for Vanessa, he also got a very substantial wedding ring to add to his bride’s bling. The couple returned to New York jeweler David Bader, of Bader and Garrin, who designed Minnillo’s engagement ring, to pick out a substantial platinum eternity band of Asscher-cut diamonds that also would match Lachey’s own platinum band with includes 24 square diamonds. But having such heavy bands clearly comes with some consequences as it seems Vanessa recently lost hers in the family trash can by accident.

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On Saturday morning, the former boy bander posted a photo of his wife’s ring sitting in the midst of a pile of trash, dirt and hair, writing in the caption, “This is true love after 6 years of marriage……digging through dirty diapers and trash to find your wife’s missing wedding ring!! #success” While Lachey should undoubtedly be nominated for the best husband award of 2017 for this recovery feat, given that he has three small children he’s probably pretty used to dealing with some of the less glamorous things in life and is an old pro at this point. Besides, dealing with a little dirt and diapers seems pretty worth it to save tens of thousands of dollars from winding up in the local landfill.

Would you dig through your garbage to find your S.O.’s wedding ring? Sound off below!


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