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New Star Fragrances You'll Want to Try: Jessica Simpson and Bethany Mota Launch Scents

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Time to update your summer scent? You’re in luck. Two of our favorite style moguls are launching new fragrances, and we’ve got the scoop, below.

Jessica Simpson fragrance
Courtesy Jessica Simpson

First up: Following the massive success of her “Fancy” fragrance line, Jessica Simpson is debuting a new fragrance that will simply bear her name. “We were just throwing out different ideas and different names, and I said, ‘Why don’t we do something with just my name?’” Simpson told WWD. “When it’s just my name, my heart is definitely in it. There were things about this fragrance that took me to a different place. It was exciting. It’s more sophisticated. It’s a little mature.”

And to illustrate that maturity, Simpson wrapped the bottle in a delicate gold feather — a meaningful symbol of her gaining independence. “Through being … in the real world on my own and [having] my own opinions and [making] my own decisions, I would see white feathers everywhere,” she said. The feather is also a motif throughout the advertising, shot by photographer Gilles Bensimon, most notably on her ethereally sexy Oscar de la Renta dress.

The soon-to-be-bride says that although the fragrance (with notes of citrus, night-blooming jasmine and tonka bean) epitomizes a more mature version of herself — for fans who have grown with her — but it’s also nostalgic at the same time. “I am one of those people that, part of who I am is doing a lot of reminiscing,” she said. “It’s also definitely looking forward, so it’s kind of combining those two different elements and where I’m at right now [and where I was]. If [the children] reminisce about certain moments of their lives, I want them to one day be able to reminisce about me and be like, that’s what Mom smelled like.” We wonder if that means she’ll be wearing it when she weds Eric Johnson this summer.

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Another fashionista with a huge fan base launching her own signature scent: Bethany Mota, the 19-year-old YouTube phenomenon. On the heels of her clothing collection for Aéropostale, Mota’s self-titled fragrance will hit the chain’s stores July 27. The bottle design is subtly heart-shaped, with a bow detail, graphic cap and peace-sign charm.

“What I show on YouTube is pretty girly, but it also has a bohemian side,” Mota told WWD of her scent, which includes white peach, cotton candy, strawberry flower and vanilla sugar. “I incorporated what I like into the fragrance, but also what I think my viewers are going to like. For the most part, [my viewers] have similar tastes to mine.”

Whose scent are you most likely to try? Are you loving Jessica’s ad?