Kate Hogan
November 01, 2011 05:30 PM

Greg Gayne/FOX

How do you dress a female teacher who’s recently been dumped and is just getting back into the dating game? If you’re
New Girl
costume designer Debra McGuire, you put her in outfits that are “interesting, fresh and modern, never dorky or unfashionable,” according to WWD.

McGuire, who dresses Zooey Deschanel for the new FOX hit, tells WWD that she uses “a lot of bright colors and [bold] fashion alternatives” for the actress’s character, Jess Day, to “reflect how fun she is. Jess is more eccentric than the average girl.”

Indeed: in the pilot, the lovelorn 20-something pairs borrowed Louboutins with denim overalls. “Her best friend Cece is a glamorous fashion model with killer style,” McGuire explains. “The idea was that she borrowed the heels from Cece.” Since Jess had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and was just reentering the dating scene, she had no idea what to wear on a first date. “It reflected the innocence and likability of the character in that scene,” McGuire explains. “The shoes and clothes are used to add laughter to the show each week.”

Describing Jess as “quirky, funny and sweet,” McGuire says she’s been putting the character in flat pumps, ballet slippers and kitten heels when she’s at her teaching job.

But as her storyline builds, Jess will experience an evolution in her look, McGuire promises. “She gets more confident, independent and funnier as the season progresses.”


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