February 14, 2008 11:00 AM

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

We’ve been anticipating Natalie Portman‘s line of stylish vegan shoes for Te Casan for months, and the star debuted the collection at their SoHo store Tuesday night. Clad in Derek Lam and her own “Pippa” mary janes, the actress spoke to PEOPLE about why she did the line — and how she’s one actress who is never hungry! “It’s very exciting to have this idea that was sort of a crazy idea and then have it come into being,” Portman says. “They’re really comfortable and I think they look like a really elegant shoe, I think that was the goal to make a classic elegant shoe that was animal friendly.” The long-time vegetarian recently became a vegan, and while she says finding chic shoes that don’t use animal products is always a struggle — “I haven’t been able to wear the shoes I want to wear” — eating well is not. Portman explains, “I am definitely not hungry ever. It’s hard to find things to eat out at restaurants, so I tend to cook a lot more for myself. But it was very hard finding shoes, which is why I got to this point.” We have to say the shoes are as adorable as Natalie herself — check them out at

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