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My Hair Secret Weapon: Terax

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I can accept that my body is never going to look like Kate Beckinsale’s or Demi Moore’s, but at least I have a shot at hair like theirs. I have become obsessed with Terax, a European cult favorite that is best known for the Crema conditioner which both Beckinsale and Moore swear by. And for good reason! My hair is softer and shinier than I can remember it being in years (and I swear it cuts down on my blow-drying time). I can’t get enough of the Latte shampoo, which takes off the gunky residue that my styling products have left on my hair and smells like the most amazing coffee dessert ever. If your hair is oily, try the minty Bosco, or for a light leave-in conditioner, try the Life Drops. The added bonus of all the formulas? The recently re-designed bottles are totally adorable, too. — Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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Photo: Courtesy of Terax