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Molly Sims on Dressing Five Pounds Thinner

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Albert Michael/Startraks

Molly Sims may be an accomplished model, television actress and glowing newlywed, but even she suffers from paradoxical fat days. “If you have a body part you don’t like, instead of worrying about it, find ways to cover it up so that you can feel good about yourself,” she tells
New York
. “I can put on five pounds and take off five pounds and you wouldn’t know it, because I know how to dress.”

It’s understanding her proportions — and what does and doesn’t work — that has earned Sims the role of stylist in her circle. “I just convinced one of my friends not to buy this green dress she wanted, and to buy this great black Helmut Lang jacket instead,” she says. “She wears it all the time, and she called me the other day to tell me that she’d just told another one of her friends to do the same thing.”

Avoiding trends is another way to keep your look lean and flattering. “Invest in great basics,” she recommends. “Get a great jacket, a great boyfriend cardigan, a beautiful scarf, and a great pair of skinny jeans and a great pair of normal jeans. You can put some trendy tank tops and colors underneath, but if you always invest in basics, you cannot go wrong.”

Tired of constantly fielding inquiries one at a time, the star created an online forum to stockpile tips. “Girls always ask me for advice about fashion and beauty,” she explains of the newly launched “Instead of sending twenty e-mails a day, now I can just be like, ‘Click here.'” Go ahead and try it!

Justine Harman