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Miss Sixty Brings Out the A-listers!

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Rob Loud/Getty

Though Ashlee Simpson caused quite a stir at Wednesday’s BCBG show, nothing could have prepared us for yesterday’s Miss Sixty show. Just as we were getting settled, Maggie Gyllenhaal descended the stairs and sat directly in front of us! The actress and newlingere model, clad in sexy high-waisted trousers, had to put her gold wire aviators on to shield herself from blinding camera flashes. But total chaos broke out when a jeans-clad Hilary Swank entered — being led by Demi Moore! Hilary greeted Maggie with a kiss while gorgeous Clive Owen slipped into his seat next to Demi. With everyone going so crazy over that fab foursome, Mischa Barton‘s entrance was hardly noticed. When the show finally started it was hard to tear our eyes away from the front row, but the Italian design house’s bold all-over logo prints, electric colors like yellow, mauve and steel blue, patent bags, wide brimmed hats and super short-shorts inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art kept the audience wrapt. When the lights came up, Demi, Hilary and Maggie were gone in a flash, to the safe haven of backstage!