October 04, 2011 07:00 PM

Courtesy Ladies’ Home Journal

She loved getting all gussied up for her recent walk down the aisle to now-husband Blake Shelton, but when Miranda Lambert is just hanging out, you’re likely to find her wearing something a lot more casual.

“We live in Oklahoma, two hours from any city, and it’s a haven. Just being in the woods, sitting around a fire being normal, keeps us sane,” Lambert shares in the November issue of
Ladies’ Home Journal
. “We love to ride four wheelers, go for walks.”

The newlyweds own two farms, just six miles apart from each other. “My house was built in the ’50s, and Blake’s tall and the door is short, so he physically can’t live at my house, so we kind of moved into his,” Lambert shares. “His is total guy house, so I’ve been working to make it girl-friendly. You know, bedspreads and candles.”

The girliness at home stops there, however. “No makeup for me, and I wear Dickies overalls,” Lambert says. “They’re dangerous, though, because if you don’t work out for a while and you’re wearing overalls, you tend to forget that your jeans might not fit when you put them back on. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.”

But it seems as though her anti-glam approach to everyday life is what her fans treasure most about her. “I get a lot of girls saying, ‘Thank you for being normal,'” she shares. “Besides my job, I’m a normal girl. I’m from a tiny town in East Texas. I’m a normal size, and my weight fluctuates just like everyone else’s. Every time I do a meet-and-greet a fan will say, ‘You make us feel like it’s cool not to be skinny.'”

–Kim Peiffer


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