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Michelle Trachtenberg's Early Morning H&M Spree

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Phamous Fotos/Splash News online

With Red Bull in hand, Michelle Trachtenberg woke up early and got in line at the H&M on Sunset for the Roberto Cavalli launch on Thursday morning. “I could have called and requested pieces,” said the star, wearing a olive hat, scarf, and leather jacket with a Botkier bag. “But I like actually shopping and going for it!” She sure did go for it. With two girlfriends, Michelle was on “stake out” surrounding the pieces of the collection she wanted until the clock hit 10 am. A quick 10 minute free-for-all ensued with Michelle emerging successful snagging about $1000 of merchandise including the long leopard print dress, gold chain necklace, and a long black trench coat. “In and out, I like to be quick,” she commented before leaving carrying 4 large shopping bags. Smart girl — the collection reportedly sold out in some H&M stores in as little as 15 minutes! What’s next for the actress? Screening her upcoming film Kids in America tonight. “I’ll sneak in with my hat on. It’s me,Topher Grace, and Anna Faris so we’re going to see it for the first time tonight. Fingers crossed!”