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Michelle Obama: My Bangs Are 'Getting a Little Irritating!'

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We like to think we’d have a lot to talk about if we met Michelle Obama. We also love J. Crew, enjoy doing “Mom Dances”, and — as any girl who’s had bangs knows well — we’ve experienced the dreaded “growing-out” phase.

“I’m like a girl. What’s next?” she told Entertainment Tonight about her buzzed-about haircut in a video interview (above). “We take it day by day. They’re starting to grow out, getting a little irritating. But it’s okay!”

And yet another thing we have in common: We couldn’t be more excited for warm enough weather to break out our spring attire. “Just being able to wear a skirt and some flats!” she said when asked what she’s looking forward to wearing this season. “Spring is lots of color, lots of flowy fabrics. It’ll be good!”

For lots more from the First Lady, including how inspired she is by all the First Ladies who have preceded her, check out the video and tell us: What’s your best grow-out-your-bangs trick? Mrs. Obama, take notes!

–Alex Apatoff