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Michael Bublé's Mud Mask: 'I Look Like a Young Incredible Hulk!'

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Courtesy Luisana Lopilato

Some guys might be embarrassed to have their wife post a pic of them in a mud mask for the whole Internet to see. Not Michael Bublé.

In fact, he thinks the look is so manly, he bears a striking resemblance to a certain superhero.

“Some of my friends called me joking and bugging me,” Bublé tells ET Canada, “and I told them I kind of looked like a young Incredible Hulk.”

And someone else agrees — namely, the photo’s instagrammer, his lovely wife Luisana, who wrote (in Spanish), “He’s so cute, even with mud on his face!”

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Bublé’s wife also loaned him the GlamGlow mud mask [ed note: PEOPLE StyleWatch editors love this stuff] and encouraged him to try it. “My wife put me in the mud mask,” he says. “She said ‘Michael, it’s good for your skin, because you’re wearing make up a lot for the interviews’ … So I did the mask. I feel good about it, actually!”

Not surprising, considering the star was just dubbed by PEOPLE “the George Clooney of crooners.” Says the dad-to-be,”That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard! God, I wish I was as tall and good looking as he is.” A few more rounds with the mud mask, Michael, and you won’t be able to tell the two apart!

Tell us: Would your guy dare to wear a mud mask for the world to see?

–Alex Apatoff