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Met Gala 2014: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Dresses Get Our 'Love It or Leave It' Debate

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen always do their own thing on the Met Gala red carpet (and, well, during life in general), and this can range from deeply chic to “bag lady adjacent.” And because they are constantly walking that line, we often find ourselves on polar opposites of the “love it or leave it” debate. That’s why when they hit Monday night’s red carpet in voluminous vintage ballgowns, two editors here had decidedly different reactions. One of us said, “Wow, that’s pretty good for them and they brushed their hair!” and the other responded “I’m worried you’ve been drinking.” So without further ado, let us debate these looks below.

MAry-Kate and Ashley Olsen Met Gala 2014
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

PRO: Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor: Let’s get a few things out of the way first. Their hair and makeup is on point, as in, so clean, chic and classic that I think it belongs on bridal beauty inspiration boards. Facially, they’re defined and polished but not overdone, and I love a good ponytail. Next, these dresses are totally in line with their aesthetic without drowning them in fabric. Ashley’s military-inspired gown has a fun ’50s vibe, while Mary-Kate lets her engagement ring do all the talking in her sort of sweetly eccentric striped sleeved number. I love that they’re playing up their own style without letting the dresses wear them, and for this, I say the Olsens are in.

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AGAINST: Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: I was tempted to book a ticket to San Francisco just to check on Alex’s mental state, because I’m totally shocked she’s on the MK and Ashley train right now.

Yes, the twins touch upon the Charles James theme (Ashley in a couture button-embellished design and Mary-Kate in a sheer-sleeved striped dress-slash-coat-slash-I’m-confused) and both sisters look more subdued compared to years past, but I’m so tired of their whole, “I’m going to wear clothes that totally swallow me up” dressing MO. Can you imagine what they would look like in actual gowns — you know, ones that showed off some arm and maybe a little collarbone? My bet is “pretty gorgeous.” Also, the whole simple slicked-back pony/bun thing feels a bit informal for their coat dresses. Basically, the only think I really love about this photo are those cheekbones.

Which side are you on? Tell us in the comments!

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