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Meet Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher's Favorite Jewelry Designer Robyn Rhodes - and Get an Exclusive Discount on Her Pieces!

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Courtesy Robyn Rhodes


While The Bachelorette is filled with enough drama, tears and shirtless guys to keep one’s full attention, there’s another scene stealer almost as captivating as all the makeouts — the fashion. There are entire sites dedicated to every piece spotted on the show, and ever since Emily Maynard’s season, statement-making jewelry has been a constant thanks to Robyn Rhodes. The L.A.-based jewelry designer is responsible for all those standout pieces spotted every week, so we caught up with her to find out what it’s really like outfitting the contestants.

It all started in 2012 during Maynard’s season. Rhodes’ friend who worked in the executive side of the show sent a bundle of her pieces to the show’s stylist, Cary Fetman. “Emily just fell in love with my jewelry and wore every single piece,” Rhodes tells PeopleStyle. And ever since, her pieces have been on each Bachelorette star.

“[Fetman] didn’t even know whose [jewelry] it was. He just got this jewelry and he loved it,” Rhodes shares. “He can pick and choose, so the fact that he took jewelry not knowing anything about it and put it on Emily, it was a huge success. Now that relationship has evolved. Now we meet a month before shooting and we go over everything. It’s more professional now.”

But before each season she’s kept in the dark and is never told who the next Bachelorette will be. “I don’t know who it is. And trust me I’m dying. If I knew I would be able to find things better suited for the contestant. It’s kind of like I am taking a guess and I am picking things that I love. A lot of them are one-of-a-kind and I have no idea if they are going to be picked or if they will make it on the show.”

So here’s how the sit-down styling process works. “Basically, I come with rolls and trays of jewelry and we put everything out and Cary picks everything. We take pictures of it and there’s certain things he needs to tweak, he will say, ‘Robyn I need something like this. She likes this or she doesn’t like this stuff.’ They must pull easily 50-plus pieces.”

The same pieces Maynard wore in 2012 are still a hit today. “Even to this day I am still selling this one pendant necklace, this Egyptian pendant necklace.” She tells the story of when a male contestant, Arie, picked up the pendant and said “Your necklace is amazing.” “I was blown away! Literally my necklace got full airtime.”

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And if a contestant wears a piece, she notices an immediate spike in sales — especially for rings. “It’s really funny. Rings do the best a lot of times. Rings and necklaces. But a lot of times with Kaitlyn [Bristowe]’s season, when she cried and got really emotional, she had one of my rings on, so the whole time you were looking at this ring. It got the most play time.”

This season, Jojo Fletcher is also depleting Rhodes’ inventory. “What’s amazing about JoJo is that she repeats pieces. I got an email from the show saying that she loved this particular necklace and she cannot take it off. She’s worn it for multiple episodes and that’s amazing. Who repeats anything?”

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One of the best moments from this season was Fletcher’s hot tub accessories. “There was the Chandler bracelet that JoJo was wearing in the hot tub last week. I thought, ‘Is she seriously wearing my bracelet in the hot tub?’ But I guess it goes to show you the quality because I got the bracelet back and it was in perfect condition.”

One thing that makes Rhodes’ designs so popular is that every piece is one-of-a-kind. “I want to make sure someone gets a unique piece, they love it, but it’s not breaking the bank,” she shares. “Everything is handmade. If you have a piece from me you are going to have something that no one else will have.”

So if you’re itching to get a stone for yourself, we have two pieces of good news. One, Rhodes’ jewelry is all very reasonably priced (roughly $100 or under!) and we have a special discount for PeopleStyle readers. Plus, we have a list of the all-star pieces seen on the show.

1. The Egypt necklace from Maynard’s season. “It’s a Phoenix that is hand painted from Egypt. That was the first stand out piece for sure.”

2. The Jonell ring “did exceptionally well” from Bristowe’s season.

3. The Amsu necklace that Andi Dorfman wore was very popular.

4. Then the Andi ring, which was named after Dorfman has been spotted on four different Bachelorettes, including Bristowe, Dorfman, Desiree Hartsock and Fletcher.

5. And this season’s standouts have been the Alicia necklace, the Jean ring and the Leona necklace.

And since we know you’ll be dying to add all of these to your shopping cart ASAP, enter People20 at checkout to receive 20 percent off your order.

Which pieces are you going to buy for yourself?

— Colleen Kratofil