Kate Hogan
August 20, 2012 04:00 PM

Kevin Winter/Getty; INF

Though he’s known for going shirtless, it turns out Matthew McConaughey actually likes getting dressed up.

“I have times where I like to just wear my flip-flops, shorts and a T-shirt and hang out. Hang up the pair of shorts and wear them the next day,” the actor told PEOPLE at the Nylon Guys September cover party at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif, last week. But then, “there are other times when I go to events or New York or Los Angeles and like [dressing] up.”

McConaughey — the mag’s latest cover star — attended the INC-sponsored event with pregnant wife Camila Alves and spoke about personal fashion dos and don’ts, too. “I do like to keep [my style] somewhat simple. I like fashion. I’m interested in it,” he explained. “But I would say this: You see some people with fashion and they try too hard and the clothes look like an accoutrement on them. The body, the movement and the fashion don’t seem to be one.”

In fact, the actor has an interesting analogy for that misuse of clothing. “It’s almost like food,” he explained. “You have to have the product but you also have to have the presentation. You’ve eaten at restaurants where the presentation is there but the food isn’t. The two have to fit and feel like they’re a pair.” Now that’s a comparison we haven’t heard before! Tell us: Do you have a fashion philosophy? 

–Michelle Ward


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