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Maria Menounos's Genius Scarf Storage Solution

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Michael Buckner/WireImage

If you’ve already picked up your October issue, then you know that Maria Menounos’s monthly column is totally packed full of great tips and personal recommendations. And we learn something new from her every month; for instance, that she has separate spaces devoted just to jeans (she has about 100 pairs!) and scarves.

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She also shared a fab tip for organizing the chaos that can be a scarf drawer: Creating a whole scarf wardrobe around clear organizing trays. “There are probably 40 scarves in [mine],” she says. “The idea came because I had so many I didn’t know what to do with them … I went to Ikea [and] got one of those clear trays. You know where all the scarves are, and where they go back to. Everything has its place. Putting them away takes two seconds. There’s no excuse for having scarves draped on a chair, on the floor. It’s just a clear tray.”

And like all of us, she admits to having a bit of a storage issue. “I should probably clean it out … but when I have a party, I can pass them on to everyone. Why throw them away?” she says. “You can use one as a beach wrap, a blanket on the plane. Theodora & Callum [pictured here] makes ones I love. I have so many scarves. My cheapest scarves are my black ones. I love the $10 ones I buy on the street in N.Y.C.”

Tell us: What’s your best storage solution? And ask Maria more of your questions in the comments below!

–Alex Apatoff