Kate Hogan
June 05, 2012 04:15 PM

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The sheer lace Comme des Garcons dress Marc Jacobs wore to the Met Gala this year famously (questionably?) sold out soon after he debuted it — but luckily for us, Seth Meyers managed to get his hands on it. The Saturday Night Live funnyman wore his own lace dress — complete with white boxers, black socks and bulky black shoes — while hosting the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards in New York City Monday night.

“This has great ventilation,” he joked to the crowd of designers, editors and celebrities when he hit the stage in the high-fashion menswear (yes, menswear) piece. “My nipples have never been so freezing.”

Meyers took a few lighthearted digs at the stylish crowd, joking that “fashion people like hating things more than they like liking things.” Referring to himself as the “Billy Crystal of fashion,” he also spent some time roasting Jacobs for his outfit before donning it himself.

“That is a long way to go to prove you’re wearing a clean pair of underwear,” he said. “Must be so nice heading to the Met having no fear that someone is wearing the same outfit as you. Hey guys, who wore it better: Marc Jacobs, or the window at an Italian funeral home?”

He continued, “You know what’s fun — picturing Marc Jacobs wearing that outfit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on any other day. Would they even let him in? ‘Sorry sir, but this is a museum. I understand that you bought a ticket, but there are like, field trips going on.'”

Though Jacobs can pretty much pull off any look, we have to give it to Meyers for having the guts (and legs) to wear the dress, too. Tell us: Who wears it best, Jacobs or Meyers?

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