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March 26, 2012 07:00 PM

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Malin Akerman hopes to take a cue from the greats as her red carpet style evolves.

“My favorite [people] to watch on the red carpet are Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton,” the actress told PEOPLE at the InStyle-hosted launch party for Lacoste’s women’s spring/summer 2012 collection. “They’re awesome … I think that [Swinton] is just so brave and cool. She’s got a style.”

The Wanderlust star isn’t quite there yet — “I’m not as brave as Tilda,” she demured — but already Akerman has started experimenting with more avante garde looks.

“I do like something with a little bit of an edge, or something that stands out, where you go, ‘What’s that?'” said the actress, who sometimes works with a stylist. “I think [in the future] I’ll be more brave and kind of go for it.”

But already, there isn’t much Akerman won’t try in the name of fashion. “I’ve said things before like, ‘I don’t really look good in pink,’ and then I’ve worn pink and I’ve loved it,” she said. “So I’ve kind of opened myself up.”

The model-actress has come a long way since she first broke onto the Hollywood scene a few years ago.

“I used to be a girl who was like, ‘If there’s black in the options, I’ll wear the black,'” she recalled. “Now I’m like, ‘Oh, I like colors and I like trying new things.”

Case in point: the colorful (pink!) dress by Sonia Rykiel the actress wore for the Wanderlust premiere in Los Angeles earlier this year. Said Akerman, “Five years ago, I never would have touched it, but now I’m like, ‘Yeah! Why not?'”

She credits her eclectic style to her career choice. “It kind of goes with why I’m an actress: just playing different roles in terms of how you feel that day,” she shared. “Some days I feel like being a little adventurous and putting something on that might be risqué, and some days I’m just not feeling it and just go a little simple.”

However, there is one golden rule she lives by when getting dressed: “Go with your gut,” she said.

“You can’t please everyone, so I just feel like if you feel good in it, wear it,” she continued. “Just be happy and be comfortable. People will see that you feel good in what you’re wearing.”

–Jessica Wedemeyer


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