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Lucy Hale's Secret for the Perfect Blowout: 'A Lot of Luck' (Plus Other Beauty Secrets from the Star)

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We’ve been taking beauty cues from Lucy Hale since the first episode of
Pretty Little Liars
. And as the face of both BlowPro and Mark, we trust her judgment in both the hair and makeup departments. So when we had the chance to chat with her about beauty, we made sure she didn’t keep any of her secrets from us. Below, a sampling of Hale’s beauty bible.

Lucy Hale
Cindy Ord/Getty

1. The key to her always-perfect hair is luck … and the right products
“I usually let my hair air dry,” Hale says about styling her strands. “But if I’m giving myself a blowout, I apply a texture spray to give it some volume so it’s not so sleek and has texture, and a really good brush, and a good blow dryer, and a lot of luck.”

2. She’s totally on board with the pastel hair trend 
“I’ve always wanted to do a cool hair color — purple or blue or something,” she says about a look she’s dying to try.

3. Confidence is key to trying bolder hair looks 
“I used to be scared of wearing my hair sleek back, but I’ve been doing that more often lately,” she says. “I guess I’m just a little more confident now to do that.”

4. She’s not proud of all of her brow moments
Hale is a constant source of eyebrow envy — but when it comes to beauty regrets, Hale admits, “I’ve had some interesting eyebrow phases.”

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5. She’s down to experiment with lipstick
“Usually the outfit decides my lipstick,” she says. “But I usually just let my makeup artist decide — I’m more willing to try crazier things now.”

6. She’s a lash master
When it comes to date nights, her go-to look is a bold eye. “I like to play up my eyes,” she shares. “So I’ll do a strong lash line – I’ve mastered putting on individual eyelashes.”

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7. She’s an eyeshadow girl at heart
When asked if she prefers to do up her eyes or lips, Hale didn’t hesitate before pledging  her allegiance to a smoky eye.

8. Her short hair is not going anywhere
“I just had hair extensions for a movie, but I don’t know how people have them – I had a constant headache for a month,” she says. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of my short hair. This isn’t the shortest I’ve gone but it’s been a slow progression.”

9. She’s a lob advocate
Her advice to anyone debating a chop: “Just go for it. It changed my life for the better. It’s just easier, and it’s more fun!”

Would you cut your hair like Hale’s? Tell us below!

–Jillian Ruffo