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Lucy Hale Says Yes to Crop Tops, No to Flowy Pants

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Marcus Owen/Startraks

Lucy Hale is a standout fashionista in Hollywood, but even the most stylish starlets can’t pull off every trend.

The Pretty Little Liars star, 24, says her “body type will not allow” her to wear the long, flowy pants that appear to be all the rage these days.

“I’m just too short and it doesn’t make sense,” Hale told PEOPLE on Thursday before she was honored with the Fan Favorite Female Award at the Young Hollywood Awards in Santa Monica, Calif. “But I see them everywhere and I’m like, dangit, I want to wear them so bad.”

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But when it comes to the crop top and high-waisted bottoms look, Darren Criss’s upcoming Teen Choice Awards co-host says she plans to “ride the train until it ends” because the look “makes me look tall.”

When it comes to her peers’ fashion sense, the Mark cosmetics beauty ambassador commends Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Watson for having “honed in on what works for them,” Hale says. “People around my age have sort of got it goin’ on. I think it’s cool to show that people around my age or a little younger can embrace higher fashion and make it cool, but still make it accessible.”

In general, when choosing what to wear, Hale likes to “embrace the up-and-coming designers,” but she admits, “I have help. I have a stylist, but I just want to try new things!”

Tell us: Are there any trends you just cannot pull off?

-–Dahvi Shira