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Lily Allen's Multi-hue Citrus Hair Is a New Take on the Bright Trend

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Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

It’s starting to seem like there are more stars with bright neon hair these days than without. We’ve seen purple, dark purple, blue, green and pink — and that’s just within the past few months. But what if you don’t want to commit to any one color? What if your heart says “Pink! And orange! And purple! And red!” Apparently, Lily Allen’s did, and now she’s displaying the results.

The star was halfway to her new sunset-dyed do in late May, when she joined the growing club of celebs wearing dark roots and neon ends. And she’s been making tweaks to the color ever since, finally landing on this array of shades that she sported at last night’s Serpentine Gala in London. To play up her “unicorn princess” look at the event, she also lined her eyes with green and chartreuse glitter liner, a winged cat-eye and flirty false lashes. But the rest of her look — a basic (from the front, anyway) LBD and a nude lip — somehow made the full effect seem cool instead of crazy.

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Our first instinct was “wig,” but upon closer inspection, it appears to be all her, from purple roots to tangerine ends, and all the rainbow shades in between. On her Instagram, she showed the look in a few different incarnations, crediting Bleach London’s Alex Brownsell for the transformation.

What do you think of this new rainbow do? What should we call it?

–Alex Apatoff