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Lily Allen Debuts Two Multi-Hued New Dos In One Weekend

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If you thought that a star could have slipped a hair change under the radar in the midst of all the celebrity wedding news, fear not: we’re still bringing them to you. And Lily Allen made hair changes we couldn’t ignore even if we wanted to, showing up twice in a weekend with equally bright — though totally different — hair hues.

Lily Allen hair color

The singer has spent most of the summer with “sunset-colored hair:” a purple-to-orange-to-gold ombré that highlighted her hazel eyes and turned heads wherever she went.

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Now she’s taken it to the next level with even more mermaid-y shades: a teal-and-green style going in one direction and a “shades of purple” look that included every hue from deep violet to My Little Pony purple (concentrated on her bangs) in the other. And as bold as these looks are, they may not be deliberate: “I died my hair blue by accident,” Allen announced (in her own words) on Instagram, posting this photo as evidence.

We can’t wait to see where she ends up, but in the meantime, we’ve got to know: Which color are you loving most?

–Alex Apatoff