January 23, 2007 07:15 PM

From Project Runway to Starbucks? No, fan favorite Michael Knight hasn’t ditched designing to become a barrista — he’s hooked up with the coffee giant to create t-shirts celebrating the chain’s drinks, from lattes to frappucinos (check out the Grande Extra Caramel Macchiato tee he’s wearing). Available on their website in February, Knight says he took the project to give something to his fans since he is “still trying to work on my line so it’s a neat way to kind of make that happen.” Ahem, about that collection? “I’m going to do a small collection which I’ll be showing on my website. And then I’m working on a fragrance i[for women].” While in L.A. promoting the t-shirt collaboration, Knight caught up with fellow Runway-er Tim Gunn. And don’t be surprised if you see a star or two in his designs — he tells PEOPLE that he is “trying to do some things with Mary J. Blige and Kelis and Rachel Bilson.” We can’t wait!

Photo: Mark Sullivan/Wireimage

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