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Leslie Jones on Justifying Her First Major Purse Purchase: 'It Took Me Six Months'

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Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

With the new Ghostbusters movie on her résumé, comedian and Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones is opening up about her life in the spotlight — and what she’s splurging on.

“I actually bought myself a Céline purse,” Jones tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue of her blue “Phantom” bag, which was the first item she bought after landing a role in Ghostbusters and making a name for herself on SNL. “I was very happy to do that and trust me it took me 15-20 minutes in the store.”

But when it was time to come to terms with the price tag on her new bag, she had a hard time — so much so that she had to talk herself into going through with the purchase when she finally made it to the store.

“I have never in my lifetime spent that much on a purse, but I love purses,” Jones admits. “I love them so much and it took me like 6 months to really get with what that price was and then when I got the store my friend will tell you it took me another 30 minutes in the corner talking to myself, going, ‘Hey this is really gonna happen right, are you really gonna do this, is this gonna go down? I mean, first of all, see if you can get a discount just see if they got some kind of discount, some kind of coupon, just see, just see. If they don’t, we can buy it but I don’t know, I just feel like you’re not a good person right now. You’re not, you’re not a good person right now.'”

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And her priorities weren’t only on handbags — Jones shares that she landed herself a new home as well. “I got an apartment too, I don’t know why that doesn’t count to me but the purse is more important I guess,” she says.

For more from Jones, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands now. And tell us: What do you think of her splurge choice?

— Jillian Ruffo, with reporting by Emily Strohm