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Lawsuit Claims P&G's Old Spice Deodorant Causes Severe Rashes and Burns

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Right now, the hottest trend in beauty products is … coming under fire from very displeased consumers suffering from painful side effects. (You may recall the lawsuit against EOS lip balm claiming rashes and blisters or the one against Wen Hair Care claiming significant hair loss). The latest brand to be brought to court? Your boyfriend’s favorite deodorant (and let’s be real, yours too!), Old Spice, which is being hit with a lawsuit for allegedly causing severe rashes and burns.

Old Spice
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A Virgina resident, Rodney Colley, filed a lawsuit for $25,000 (though he is hoping that it be raised to class-action status) against Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice deodorants. The suit claims 12 varieties of the product cause rashes, irritation, burning and other injury. Under fire are After Hours, Pure Sport, Arctic Force, Bearglove, Lion Pride, Swagger, Fresh High Endurance, Aqua Reef, Classic Fresh, Fiji, Wolfhorn and Champion. (We couldn’t resist writing out every one of those scents.)

Colley clarifies he’s used deodorant in the past but never experienced irritation, rash and other discomfort until using Old Spice and provides photos to illustrate the damage (which he also shared on his Instagram account).

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The suit claims the brand “falsely reported” that the deodorants “have no known effect with regard to skin irritation,” and includes photos and complaints from other similarly affected customers. (You can see all the complaints here.) Users are also sharing photos of burns on their underarms on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and Old Spice is responding to each asking them to reach out through direct message.

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In a statement to PeopleStyle, P&G stresses that Old Spice is safe to use. “Tens of millions of guys use our products safely and without incident every year and significantly less than 0.01 percent report having any adverse reactions,” a spokesperson explained.

“What you see on the internet are not ‘chemical burns.’ They are essentially skin reactions some people have that can be caused by a broad variety of factors or ingredients,” the statement continues. “Specifically to deodorants, some people experience irritation from certain ingredients commonly used by manufacturers of deodorants. It is important to note that this applies to deodorants and not antiperspirants which are formulated differently.”

The brand also explains that product labels do “instruct guys to discontinue use if they experience any irritation.”

Adds a spokesperson, “If you do a Google search, you will see similar reactions associated with many different brands of deodorants, so the concerns expressed online are not exclusive to Old Spice. In the male deodorant category, we have about six times the market share of the next leading competitor, so you would find Old Spice referenced more.”

For those with any concerns or questions, Old Spice encourages consumers to call at 1-800-677-7582.

Do you use Old Spice products? Have you ever experienced painful irritation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

— Colleen Kratofil