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Lauren Conrad Names Her Celeb Hair Icon and Shares Her Worst Hair Mistake Ever

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Sure, she’s a former reality star-turned-style mogul whose accessible style and gorgeous hair are constantly on PEOPLE StyleWatcher’s “most coveted” lists, but even Lauren Conrad admits to having some best-tressed envy of her own.

Lauren Conrad hair
Noel Vasquez/Getty

Top of her list? Sienna Miller‘s utterly perfect bed head chic. “I’ve always loved her hair,” says Conrad. “It’s so beautiful and easy. It looks like she rolled out of bed — and she probably did!”

Conrad herself has a very low-key approach to beauty when she’s not getting all done up for an event. “Day to day I don’t wear a lot of makeup and my hair is kind of, you know, just waves,” she tells PEOPLE. “I definitely love getting dressed up … but I think lower maintenance is easier. [The key is to] have fun with it, really. It shouldn’t be a task … I know that sounds silly, but you should enjoy getting ready for your day.”

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Despite her less-is-more approach to hair, John Frieda tapped her for their Keep Up With Your Blonde campaign, for which the bride-to-be, 28, will be guest blogging on their site about keeping her hue in top shape (she touts the line’s Sheer Blonde for maintaining her color between salon trips). She’s played around with different shades, but admits, “I always return to blonde. I feel most me when I’m blonde.”

And while some celeb brides are opting for major hair shake-ups before the big day, Conrad is still regretting her last big chop — nearly a decade ago. “My biggest hair mistake it was chopping it off! It’s so funny,” she says. “My hair won’t grow — my hair has not gone past this length since I cut it seven years ago to my shoulders. I’ve tried vitamins, I’ve tried everything. It just won’t!”

Any major hair regrets? How do you keep your hair in shape? Tell us in the comments.

–Jennifer Garcia