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Lady Gaga's New Look: Are You Glad She's Back to 'Normal?'

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Sonia Moskowitz/Getty, Splash News Online

While Lady Gaga was recovering from hip surgery, we definitely noticed a void in our “crazy celebrity dressing” world that even Rihanna couldn’t fill. And the few times she stepped out, she looked almost like any other girl (that is, if any other girl wore a beehive or an exposed bra — she couldn’t be too pedestrian).

But at her first big return to the public eye at an event a few weeks ago, she looked totally unlike the Gaga we all know and love: No giant egg, no meat dress, not even a wacky face mask. In minimal makeup, a black dress and dark brown hair, she was almost unrecognizable, and we were wondering whether Lady Gaga was replaced for good by Laid-Back Gaga.

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But now she’s back on the streets promoting her new single Applause, channeling its artsy cover by walking around L.A. with her face painted in abstract shapes and bold hues. And of course she’s been accompanying the face paint with artsy hairstyles, out-there ensembles and her preferred platform boots.

At this point, the only way she’d really shock us is if she showed up somewhere in cutoffs, flip flops and a ponytail, but we do appreciate the effort. So tell us: Are you glad to see Gaga back to “normal,” or did you like her foray into more “ordinary” style?

–Alex Apatoff